The Weekly Trop40 December 1st, 2019


The Weekly Trop40 Countdown of the 'Top 40' Tropical Americana songs by independent singer-songwriters. Key West, Florida Keys, Honorary 'Mayor Gonzo Mays' and Harry Teaford are LIVE from Paradise, Noon - 3:00 EST, December 1st, 2019.

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8 days agoDecember 2, 2019
Love listening to your radio station and enjoy listening to your talented country artists.
Jerry P
8 days agoDecember 2, 2019
Harry and Sammie, I like this playback!
JT Parrothead
8 days agoDecember 2, 2019
Mayor Gonzo, THANKS for the inquiry, but JT Parrothead IS JT PARROTHEAD! Thanks y'all for playing my tunes!
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